In Three Words: How is Tech and Media Innovation Changing the Reading Experience?


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  • Seamuschronicles

    impulse book purchases

    • Matt Gartland

      Nicely said, Seamus. The impulse nature of book buying is only going to escalate as the industry further evolves.

  • Annebalsamo

    Great provocation!

    For a historical take on this very question–from a group of research-designers at Xerox PARC–see the exhibition we created in 2000 called: XFR: Experiments in the Future of Reading.

    Archival video footage available on my website:

    Go to the EXHIBIT tab to see videos of 11 “speculative reading devices” created from innovative technologies under development at PARC at the time (late 1990s).

    Keep looking at the EXHIBIT site to see an application called: “What Would McLuhan Say?” about the contradictory and multiple implications of these devices.

    I discuss the design process and cultural implications of these devices in Chapter 2 of my recent book: Designing Culture; The Technological Imagination at Work (Duke UP, 2011).

    Thanks for reading! 😉

    • Matt Gartland

      Wow, thanks Anne for sharing the Xerox PARC reference. It’s always fascinating to look back in time and examine our then-projections for the future. Never fails for a good time :)

      Best wishes!

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