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We specialize in big-picture thinking that connects your audience with your story through consistent content strategies and proven workflow systems.

We are a team of professionals who take our jobs seriously, but not too seriously. We geek-out over things as crucial as industry best practices and as nitpicky as the Oxford serial comma (it’s a big debate, trust us). We love collaborating with clients who understand the importance of investing in the editorial integrity of their ongoing publications to establish and grow a reputable brand. 

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Who We Are

Matthew Gartland
CEO & Executive Publisher

By spirit, Matt is a producer with an almost ungovernable impulse to make things good, and to make good things better. He thrives on creative challenges and collaborative projects that push his skills to new heights. In all endeavors, excellence is his unit of measure.

Matt specializes in digital content development at the nexus of web technologies, business thinking, editorial strategy, storytelling, and modern publishing. When he’s not gazing into a computer, Matt chases his imagination into a good book or travel adventure.

Janna Marlies Maron
Managing Editor

Janna Marlies Maron is a veteran editorial professional, having worked in the industry for her entire career. If she had to sum up why she's constantly drawn to this line of work in two words they would be: authentic storytelling. It's the core of why she writes, edits, publishes, and helps others find and share their stories.

When she isn't working, she is likely planning her next literary take over or relaxing and enjoying an urban life with her husband in Sacramento, California.

Non Wels
Copyeditor & Producer

Non (like known) is a writer, editor, social media manager, content strategist, and unabashedly ebullient puddle jumper. He likes to say that he yearns to create and hone content that will inspire giddy dances and cartwheels atop fuzzy green grasses. And he means it.

Outside of the workspace, you can usually find Non with his head in a book (or clouds), on an adventure run through the rolling hills of Southern California, cuddling with his one Labrador and two Percheron horses, partaking in two-person dance parties with his wife, and embracing unparalleled levels of joy on his podcast, Joy Sandwich.

Mindy Holahan
Senior Producer

Mindy is a writer, podcast editor, and content strategist with a focus on content organization and data analysis. She gets great joy from bringing structure to chaos and finding solutions to nagging problems.

Outside of work, Mindy loves planning elaborate parties, attending the orchestra, and helping her cats self-actualize. She is relentlessly cheerful about the Minnesota weather.

Dustin Tevis
Designer & UX/UI Specialist

Dustin is a web/UI designer with a passion for creating user-centric experiences. He finds clarity in creating simple, beautiful solutions for complex problems through thoughtful strategy and execution. Oh, and he likes fresh typography and illustrations, a lot.

When not pushing pixels for a book cover, web interface, or some other awesome experience, Dustin gets his fashion on helping his girlfriend build her vintage empire, exploring the urban community, and possibly try to play the guitar.

Jennifer Snyder
Senior Strategist & Producer

Jennifer is a writer, editor and podcast host. She loves to dabble and gets fairly giddy when various types of storytelling come together in beautiful and useful ways. Her podcast, Creating Your Own Path, allows her to ask inspiring creatives about their career stories on a regular basis.

When she’s not working, Jennifer can be found traveling and exploring her own city. She currently lives in the Sacramento region of California with her husband and two adorable dogs. 

We Work With Awesome People

Yi Shun Lai
Writer & Editor

Yi Shun Lai has been a writer and editor for a long, long time. She absolutely loves helping people and companies to tell their unique stories, whether that be via web copy, blog posts, or social media feeds.

Her debut novel, Not a Self-Help Book: The Misadventures of Marty Wu, is available at bookstores and via Amazon. She's a volunteer for ShelterBox, a disaster-relief agency.

Toby Lyles
Audio Engineer

Toby Lyles helps content creators reach a wider audience by making them sound amazing. With over 13 years in the professional audio business and now specializing in podcast editing for the best media networks such as Winning Edits, Toby produces high-quality sound that keeps your audience's attention, pulls them into the experience you've created, and compels them to action.

Besides making folks sound good, Toby's greatest joys come from spending time laughing with his beautiful wife and three children and mountain climbing with his friends.

Elise LeBreton
Associate Producer

Elise assists marketing teams, editors, and entrepreneurs with creative and editorial projects. Superpowers include content writing, graphic design, and editorial management.

Her background in the visual and performing arts makes her a pro at creating on a deadline and building something amazing when resources are tight. Elise is part of the team at Don't Panic Mgmt and works as an actor in Brooklyn, New York.

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