In Three Words: What is the Future of Books?


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Thanks Jared McDaniel, HelpScout and Steve Jobs for your inspirations!

Now it’s your turn. What are your three words? Share in the comments.

  • Emily Scheinman

    Future Best Investment

    • Matt Gartland

      That’s great Emily! Love the perspective that books are quality investments for our future. Totally agree :)

  • Dick Carlson

    Only The Wealthy

    • Matt Gartland

      Thanks so much Dick!

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  • Jared Dees

    What a great concept.

    My favorite: “beyond the page.” This is so crucial in a long-term strategy for authors. I don’t plan on writing a single book that doesn’t lead people out of the book and into a deeper understanding and application of the concepts and an opportunity to build a relationship with me and the other readers. (I write non-fiction.)

    • Matt Gartland

      Yes, Jane’s comment was great. She has great sensitivity to the current trends and future possibilities – which include, as she says, “transmedia specialists.” I agree that this is a big part of the future of books.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • MelanieOrmand

    Writers, Readers Unite!

    • Matt Gartland

      Totally agree. There will continue – I think, and I hope – to be a convergence of writers and readers. All good things for both groups.

  • MelanieOrmand

    Writers, Readers: Unite!

  • Keitaijames

    Read my book

    • Matt Gartland

      Thanks for sharing your 3 words!

  • Terrance Foxxe

    Swim or sink.

    • Matt Gartland

      Thoughtful Terraance. Yes, I think the pressures to be seen and respected as a professional writer are escalating due to the reduced barriers to entry. This could certainly exacerbate a sink or swim climate.

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  • Nancy Roe

    Great Content Sells. Knowing your audience and providing useful information are key.

    • Matt Gartland

      Indeed, Nancy. Despite the shifting landscape, it remains paramount to know your audience well and deliver the content that they need and crave.

  • Sebastiano Mereu

    Creativity is ink.

    • Matt Gartland

      Absolutely, Sebastiano! I love the imagery of this thought.

  • toni

    Only Stories Matter

    • Matt Gartland

      Stories are indeed very powerful, and I think the future will be kinder to those books and other digital publications that have a more advanced forms of storytelling.

  • Jessie Gunderson

    Fire Starters.

    You can take that either way. Kindling or controversy.

    • Matt Gartland

      We <3 books too!

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  • Romy Singh

    Cool infographic…. the book that catches my eyes is “Story Not Formatted”

    • Matt Gartland

      Thanks Romy. I agree, Dan Blank’s insight was telling. We’ll worry less about the format and more about the message of stories in the future.

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  • Chi Wang

    Nonlinear, Multidimensional, Interactive

    • Matt Gartland

      Three of my favorite words :) Thanks Chi!

  • Blackbird Digibooks

    Freedom For Originality

    • Matt Gartland

      Thanks for sharing your three words!

    • Matt Gartland

      As William Wallace would say, “What would we do without freedom?”

  • markwollacott

    Imagination’s your limit

    • Matt Gartland

      Great sentiment, Mark. I totally agree.

    • Matt Gartland

      I certainly hope imagination is our limit. Well said.

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  • Richard Huckle

    Books have feelings.

    • Matt Gartland

      That’s very insightful. Thanks Richard!

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  • Kathleen Lambert

    Heart of Community

    • Matt Gartland

      I like that a lot Kathleen. Thank you for sharing!

  • David

    Competing for eyes.

    • Matt Gartland

      Absolutely, David. That bit of the future is here already.

  • Joe Berger

    Coporate Overlord Controlled

    • Matt Gartland

      I kinda hope not, though I do sense that big business will always have a strong hand in the book industry.

  • Mary Jo

    Books Will Endure
    [nod to Faulkner]

    • Matt Gartland

      [nod] 😀

  • Tom Lawson

    MESSAGE, not medium.

    • Matt Gartland

      Thanks Thomas!

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  • MByerly

    Innovate or die.

    • Matt Gartland

      The innovation curve is certainly accelerating. Thanks!

  • Emily Helms

    Organic, yet Refined

    • Matt Gartland

      I like the “organic” thought; yes, I think more books will be produced “naturally” in close concert with readers.

  • Ed_Cyzewski

    For Print: Word and Design
    For E-books: Best story wins

    I hope it’s not a cop out to divide the future of books into two paths, but as an E-reader owner who loves print books, I find that I want to own print books that have beautiful design. Text and nice cover are nothing special for a print book compared to what you get on an E-reader.

    • Matt Gartland

      I like the split; I would actually say that both sentiments apply to both categories of books. Design is becoming more important as a distinguishing factor for ebooks, and the best story is always of paramount importance regardless of form/medium.

      Thanks Ed!

  • Terry

    interactive multimedia rules

    • Matt Gartland

      Thanks Terry! Yes, I think we will increasingly see more interactive multimedia intertwined with books.

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  • Graeme Mcnee

    Use formats creatively!

    • Matt Gartland

      Thanks Graeme. The experimentation of new formats is one of the more fascinating aspects of the publishing revolution.

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