I obsessively prepare your
book to be highly competitive.

Authors that ignore or dishonor proper editing standards risk developing immature books. That’s no fit way to compete for reader attention, book sales and marketplace respect. If you want to be in great competitive shape, you have to put in the effort.

I can help with that.

What’s to gain?

My specialized editing prepares your book to perform well in the new book economy. When you team up with me, you will:

  • Gain confidence in your book and self.
  • Position your book for serious attention.
  • Impress readers with your commitment to quality.
  • Enjoy a competitive advantage over amateurish authors.

Why choose me?

Because I’m like you: I have an unrelenting attitude, unimpeachable work ethic, and no-nonsense style. Because I actually understand what “digital” means and how the new book economy operates. Because my instincts are pure. And because I share the belief that if you step on the field you should play to win.

My editing methodology is built to win with:

  • Clear communication from the get go.
  • No fluff feedback that doesn’t pull punches.
  • Absolute respect for your unique writing style.
  • Fresh perspectives on key editing fundamentals and standards.

And my editing includes all levels, standard:

  • Developmental – storytelling elements (structure, tension, themes, etc.)
  • Line – language elements (prose, syntax, paragraph structure, flow, etc.)
  • Copy – integrity elements (grammar, spelling, punctuation, readability, etc.)

Respect for your IQ and wallet.

I have two beliefs when it comes to pricing: One, pricing should not be complicated, mysterious, or biased. Two, everyone should be paid what they are worth. That said, here’s my advanced calculus pricing formula:

Your Word Count x $.08 USD = Your Cost

Rocket science, right? I’m glad you agree.

Some will deem my pricing a bargain. Others will call it expensive. Either is fine by me. I just want to do good work. I’m upfront with my pricing so that you can assess it quickly, on your own, without any pressure.

Got questions? Be sure to read my FAQ.

Let’s do this!

Your price is guaranteed at the time of inquiry. But my availability is not. To avoid being the victim of bad timing, contact me today about your book project.

Please note: You are making no commitment by contacting me, just sparking a conversation. No games. No risk. No hassle. Let’s do this!

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