Winning Edits is Growing

Welcome to the new Winning Edits website! We're so thrilled to have you here. If you couldn't tell, this site has had a bit of a design and organizational refresh. The reason for this is fairly straightforward: we wanted to create a better overall user experience, and make it easier for you to connect so we can collaborate to grow your audience. 

To make it easier on you to navigate the new website, we've broken down its essential components:

  • Home: This is our homepage, where you'll learn about who we are, what we're about, who we've collaborated with, and the awesome brands and authors we've supported. Come say hello! Eager to connect your audience with your story? Get started!
  • Blog: You're here! Our goal for the blog is to continue creating valuable content for the writing and editing community, authors, brands, and, our favorite, happy book nerds. We have a slew of fun content already here, including author interviews, book publishing insights, and so much more. Stay tuned for fresh content. But in the meantime, joyful reading!
  • Newsletter: Your monthly adventure into the wonders of book publishing, author platforms, book-based business models, writing tips, and more awaits! It's easy to subscribe. All we need is a vial of your blood and your first-born child. Kidding! Just simply add your name and email, click "Sign Up," and you'll commence your thrilling journey with the Winning Edits Newsletter!

Winning Edits is growing, which is why we've updated our website. We wanted our digital presence—in the content we write on the blog, the conversations we engage in on Twitter @WinningEdits, and the improved website experience we've created for you here—to reflect this growth.

Why? Because your story matters. Whether you are an established author or brand, the services we provide, from editorial strategy/management to brand voice development, will help you grow your audience. Let's grow together.

The Winning Edits Team

We'd love to hear what you think of the new site. Share your comments, suggestions, and unicorn gifs below! And look out for new content we'll be adding to the website going forward. Thanks so much! 

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