Creating and Promoting from a Place of Abundance

This post comes from Senior Strategist Jennifer Snyder who attempts to live her life and approach her work from a place of abundance. She sometimes fails, but she also believes that the magic is often found in the attempt.

Tell us if these phrases sound familiar:

“There’s never enough time to get it all done. How does anyone get everything done?”

“How on earth am I supposed to land that big press interview over that other author?”

“I tested my idea, but what if nobody buys my product?”

“What if my book never sees the light of day?”

We’ve all been there. We’ve all told ourselves that our competitors are faster, better, and luckier than us. We’ve convinced ourselves that we’ll never reach that deadline. We’ve worried that work would dry up.

However, what we’ve found to be true is this: if we reframe our mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance, we’re able to not only reframe the challenges we face, but we also end up with better results from our work.

At the core of the issue of scarcity is one very tricky emotion: fear.

When it comes to creating and promoting work, fear doesn’t always manifest in ways that resemble true terror. Instead, it manifests in roadblocks like procrastination, the delay in sending that scary email, comparison to others instead of keeping our eyes on our own paper, and misunderstanding our audience.

If we reframe our thoughts and our words to come from a place of abundance, many of those roadblocks go away or we simply discover that they hold less power over us and our work. In fact, we’ve found that by reframing our thoughts we end up back the driver’s seat with more control than ever.

Take the above phrases for example. Let’s rework them to come from a place of abundance:

“There is enough time to get this done.” I’m going to revisit my timeline to see if I’m being realistic with my deadlines, the capabilities of my staff, and the resources available to me .”

“Even if I don’t land that big interview, other interviews might be possible! I’m going to do a bit more media and public relations research to see if I’ve reached out to all of the right people.”

“I have faith in my idea brainstorming and product testing. People will buy this product. If they don’t, I’ll get great data on how to improve it.”

"My book will be published in one way or another. If I don’t land a traditional publishing deal now, I can try again sometime in the future or opt for self-publishing or another non-traditional model."

With an abundance mindset, anything is possible—not because there is magic to be found in the concept of abundance, but because thinking about creating great work and sharing it with the world in a positive way sheds light on just how much control we have over the fate of our life’s work.

Now it's your turn! How has creating and promoting from a place of abundance helped you? Any tips you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you!

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