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Today’s business leaders recognize that books, author platforms, and content strategies are valuable assets to their ventures. They know that quality writing helps convey their thought leadership. They understand that their readers are the gatekeepers to their ongoing success. They respect the need for authentic engagement. And they accept the responsibility to do the hard, necessary work required to make a difference.

We work with business leaders because we believe in their curiosity, ingenuity, devotion, and persistence. We believe that their stories have powerful messages to share. Ultimately, we believe that they are best positioned to influence the next generation of readers, thinkers, and doers.

If you like what we do and think we could work well together, then get in touch with us or submit an easy project planner. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Welcome to Winning Edits.

matt gartland

Matt Gartland

Founder, Winning Edits
Managing Editor, Writer, Strategist

The Producer

By spirit, Matt is a producer with an almost ungovernable impulse to make things good, and to make good things better. He thrives on creative challenges and collaborative projects that push his skills to new heights. In all endeavors, excellence is his unit of measure.

Matt specializes in digital content development at the nexus of web technologies, business thinking, editorial strategy, storytelling, and modern publishing. When he’s not gazing into a computer, Matt chases his imagination into a good book or travel adventure.

The Synthesizer

Mindy has an eye and an ear for details. She lives for noticing the extra flourishes, cues and clues that lend a narrative depth. Finding the most effective way to connect point A to point B is among her superpowers. And her enthusiasm for storytelling knows no bounds.

Mindy also wields a passion for audio and the spoken word, producing audiobooks and podcasts to extend your message’s reach to new audiences. She spends her downtime crafting elaborate handmade gifts, cooking, and devouring detective novels.

mindy holahan

Mindy Holahan

Accomplice, Winning Edits
Associate Producer, Writer, Editor

yi shun lai

Yi Shun Lai

Accomplice, Winning Edits
Editor, Writer, Literary Specialist

The Storysmith

Yi Shun Lai has been a writer and editor for a long, long time. She absolutely loves story, and helping people to tell their own stories. Equally important to story is voice: Every writer has one, and she has helped many writers to find theirs, and put it to good use. She wants you to be a lifelong, productive writer. Words are where she found her home, and there’s room for anyone who wants to write there, too.

When she’s not writing or editing, she has friends over. Or can be found somewhere outside somewhere, reading everything from mysteries to magical realism to magazines, or maybe putting things on her dog’s head and taking pictures of whatever she calls that. She’s a volunteer for ShelterBox, a disaster-relief agency.

The Polisher

Ashley loves written language and the art of making it perfect. She believes there is infinite beauty in correct grammar and succinct communication, and isn’t afraid to help others find that beauty in their lives, too. At age six, Ashley wrote, illustrated, and edited her own first book—an underdog story about a dump truck who wanted to be a race car. She sold it to her mother for 25¢. Ever since then, Ashley has been hooked on all things publishing.

Ashley specializes in copyediting, manuscript editing, content development, and communication/storytelling. When not tethered to a device, Ashley spends time with family, reads and writes, runs half-marathons, and practices mixed martial arts.

ashley bright

Ashley Bright

Accomplice, Winning Edits
Editor, Content Specialist

matt gartland

Ray Sylvester

Accomplice, Winning Edits
Editor, Researcher

The Editor

Ray’s specialty is the written word. He excels at forging the vague into the precise and burnishing the awkward into the golden—and he’ll find that typo the other 99 editors missed. Ray won’t settle until your manuscript is primed and perfected for the wide world.

Ray also lends his considerable research expertise when the Winning Edits team sends out the bat signal. An avowed generalist and student of the world, Ray’s always got a small-town library’s worth of books on his “to read” shelf, on the topics of health, music, movement, mythology, and other interests yet to be cultivated.

The Designer

Dustin is a web/UI designer with a passion for creating user-centric experiences. He finds clarity in creating simple, beautiful solutions for complex problems through thoughtful strategy and execution. Oh, and he likes fresh typography and illustrations, a lot.

When not pushing pixels for a book cover, web interface, or some other awesome experience, Dustin gets his fashion on helping his girlfriend build her vintage empire, exploring the urban community, and possibly try to play the guitar.

dustin tevis

Dustin Tevis

Accomplice, Winning Edits
Designer, UI/UX Specialist

yi shun lai

Toby Lyles

Accomplice, Winning Edits
Audio Engineer, Sound Coach

The Audio Guy

When you work with Toby, you’ll get an audio engineer who can make you sound good! But he’s more than just an audio guy; With over 18 years in the audio business he’s a pro that understands you, your message and your goals. His passion is not simply producing the best sounding audio. He enjoys working with Winning Edits to join you in crafting a message that will leave a lasting impact.

When he’s not sitting near great audio gear, his greatest joy is spending time laughing with his beautiful wife and three children, and climbing the mountains of Colorado with friends.

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