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Today’s business leaders recognize that books, author platforms, and content strategies are valuable assets to their ventures. They know that quality writing helps convey their thought leadership. They understand that their readers are the gatekeepers to their ongoing success. They respect the need for authentic engagement. And they accept the responsibility to do the hard, necessary work required to make a difference, regardless of cost.

We work with business leaders because we believe in their curiosity, ingenuity, devotion, and persistence. We believe that their stories have powerful messages to share. Ultimately, we believe that they are best positioned to influence the next generation of readers, thinkers, and doers.

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Welcome to Winning Edits.

matt gartland

Matt Gartland

Founder, Winning Edits
Editor, Writer, Strategist

The Producer

By spirit, Matt is a producer with an almost ungovernable impulse to make things good, and to make good things better. He thrives on creative challenges and collaborative projects that push his skills to new heights. In all endeavors, excellence is his unit of measure.

Matt specializes in digital content development at the nexus of web technologies, business thinking, editorial strategy, storytelling, and modern publishing. When he’s not gazing into a computer, Matt chases his imagination into a good book or travel adventure.

The Maker

Jonathan has an insatiable love for art and technology. Through his years as a designer, animator, filmmaker, storyteller, and doodler, he has brought many crazy and wonderful ideas to life in various visual mediums. Pure creation is his driving, unstoppable force.

Jonathan’s creative range extends into the depths of programming. His technical chops include front-end / back-end web development, database design, web service integrations, and more. Strength training, hiking, and sci-fi/fantasy novels are his favorite pastimes.

jonathan wondrusch

Jonathan Wondrusch

Accomplice, Winning Edits
Designer, Illustrator, Developer

matt gartland

Mindy Holahan

Accomplice, Winning Edits
Researcher, Audiobook Editor

The Synthesizer

Mindy has an eye and an ear for details. She lives for noticing the extra flourishes, cues and clues that lend a narrative depth. Her specialty is research—uncovering relevant data, learning to use new technologies, and finding the most effective way to connect point A to point B. She is the team sidekick and cheerleader, enthusiastically implementing project strategy.

Mindy also wields a passion for audio and the spoken word, producing audiobooks and podcasts to extend your message’s reach to new audiences. She spends her downtime crafting elaborate handmade gifts, cooking, and devouring detective novels.

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